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refrigerated truck or van for deliveries

Pickit, your ultimate destination for Reefer trucks, Refrigerated Canters, Reefer Pickups and refrigerated Vans.

Reefer trucks, also known to as Refrigerated trucks, are used in the transportation of temperature sensitive goods like fish, farm produce and pharmaceutical products. This trucks are designed to carry large amount of cargo and keep it at a regulated chilled or frozen temperature.


If your business deals in perishable goods then you definitely need to ensure your product stays fresh. At Pickit we have a fleet of refrigerated vans, reefer canters and reefer pickups you can hire to ensure your goods stay fresh.

We also have reefer containers if you prefer to have a 40ft or 20ft Refrigerated container hauled by a trailer truck. Refrigerated containers also known as reefer containers use their own attached generators to  provide them with the power needed to cool or chill or keep goods frozen.

Order a refrigerated vehicle or reefer container for your delivery needs online today! You can also call: 0794681029

What are refrigerated truck or Reefer vehicles

Reefer trucks, also known as refrigerated trucks, are specialized vehicles used for transporting perishable goods at controlled temperatures. These trucks are equipped with a refrigeration system that maintains a cold environment within the cargo area, ensuring that the products remain fresh and unaffected by external temperatures during transportation. Reefer trucks are commonly used in the food industry for delivering frozen or chilled products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and pharmaceuticals.

Refrigerated vans, similar to reefer trucks, are vehicles designed to transport perishable goods. They are typically smaller in size and are commonly used for local or short-distance deliveries. Refrigerated vans provide the flexibility of accessing narrow roads and urban areas where larger trucks may have difficulty maneuvering. They are often utilized by catering services, small-scale food businesses, and local grocery stores for transporting smaller quantities of temperature-sensitive items.

Reefer pickups, also referred to as refrigerated pickups, are trucks with a refrigerated cargo bed or storage compartment at the back. These vehicles combine the versatility of a pickup truck with the cooling capabilities of a refrigerated unit, making them suitable for transporting perishable goods in a compact and efficient manner. Reefer pickups are commonly used by farmers, florists, and small-scale distributors for transporting items such as fresh produce, flowers, and frozen goods.

Overall, reefer trucks, refrigerated vans, and reefer pickups are all vehicles designed to maintain controlled temperatures during the transportation of perishable goods. They play a crucial role in ensuring that sensitive products reach their destinations while maintaining their quality and freshness. : Why pickit is your best option for refrigerated vehicles in Nairobi Kenya 

Pickit is the best transport provider for reefer trucks, refrigerated trucks, reefer pickups, and refrigerated vans in Kenya for several compelling reasons. Firstly, Pickit has a reputation for reliability and professionalism in the transportation industry. Their fleet of vehicles is well-maintained and equipped with advanced refrigeration systems, ensuring that perishable goods are transported in optimal conditions, maintaining freshness and quality throughout the journey.


Secondly, Pickit understands the unique requirements of transporting temperature-sensitive goods. They have trained drivers who are experienced in handling refrigerated vehicles and are knowledgeable about maintaining the appropriate temperature levels during transportation. This expertise minimizes the risk of spoilage or damage to the goods being transported.


Thirdly, Pickit offers a wide range of vehicle options to suit different transportation needs. Whether it's reefer trucks for large-scale deliveries, refrigerated vans for local distribution, or reefer pickups for smaller quantities, Pickit can cater to various requirements. Their versatile fleet ensures that customers can choose the most suitable vehicle for their specific needs.

Additionally, Pickit prioritizes timely and efficient delivery. They have a well-structured logistics system in place, allowing for effective route planning and scheduling to optimize delivery times. This commitment to punctuality ensures that customers can rely on Pickit for on-time deliveries, minimizing any disruptions to their supply chains.

Furthermore, Pickit emphasizes excellent customer service. Their dedicated support team is available to address any queries or concerns promptly, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for customers. They prioritize open communication and are responsive to customer feedback, continuously striving to improve their services.

In conclusion, Pickit is the best transport provider for reefer trucks, refrigerated trucks, reefer pickups, and refrigerated vans in Kenya due to their reliability, expertise in handling temperature-sensitive goods, diverse vehicle options, timely delivery, and customer-centric approach. Choosing Pickit guarantees that perishable goods are transported safely and efficiently, meeting the specific needs of businesses in Kenya's refrigerated transportation sector.


Some of the companies that deal with refrigerated vehicles in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret in Kenya are: is a refrigerated vehicles company that provides services in the United States of America. is an E-commerce business that provides reefer trucks for purchase to their clients online. is a provider of reefer vans through their online site. provides information about reefer trucks online.

​To order a refrigerated vehicle from pickit online click HERE or call us at 0794681029 
At Pickit, we have the reefer vehicles to take care of your goods and deliver them wherever you want. If you are looking to hire a reefer truck, fill our form to get a free quote here.
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