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What is PICKIT and how do I use it?
PICKIT is Kenya's mobile app that instantly helps tow, move and deliver your stuff across town by connecting you with a local driver and pickup, Tow, Van or Canter truck. We’ve been compared to popular ride sharing apps but instead of moving people, we move people’s stuff. Think on-demand delivery for large items.
Who are my PICKIT drivers and are they safe?
Yes. PICKIT drivers are local members of your community here in Kenya that have been PICKIT certified. Safety and customer service are two attributes we pride ourselves on and we take them seriously.
How do I pay for my PICKIT?
You can pay us directly to our Mpesa paybill number or pay cash to your PICKIT driver.
How do I save money on my PICKIT and are promo codes/discounts available?
PICKIT understand you work hard for your money and we’re passionate about keeping it in your pockets. Because of that, we’re always looking for ways where you can save. Please subscribe for discount notifications  today!
Can I schedule my PICKIT ahead of time?
Absolutely! Just make your order online or calls us to schedule your PICKIT.
Will my PICKIT driver help with lifting?
We’re good at getting your stuff across town when and where you need. So for now, we’re focusing on safely and efficiently transporting your item(s). That being said, we ask that your item(s) are ready to be moved when your driver arrives. Don’t worry, our drivers help out with the heavy lifting to keep you out of uncomfortable situations.

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