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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

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Why Choose Pickit for Your Nairobi and surrounding cities Delivery?

You’ll find a vast array of unique items with amazing deals available online at many local sites like Jiji and Pigiame. Unlike a traditional retail establishment, however, the person you are buying from doesn’t offer a pickup and drop off service. If you don’t own a truck or have a friend with a truck, you may seem lost as to how you’ll bring your newly purchased couch, or Bed or Mattress to your home.

What now then? You might try to hire a delivery driver from a shopping center nearby. If you’re already at the listing person’s location, why not seek convenience and hire a delivery driver from there as well?

Unfortunately, it’s common to run into dishonest and unreliable individuals you meet randomly at shopping center or on the side of the road. These contractors do not guarantee their work and are uninsured if they damage your goods. Worse, you’ll frequently find criminals and scammers who will tell you to fuel their Vehicles before they start coming out to carry your items! This maybe people who are just attempting to steal and defraud.

For example, one family in Nairobi Kileleshwa area underwent a frightening scam when thieves posing as movers drove off with a moving truck packed with the family’s belongings and stole everything they owned.

You can decline to purchase a used dining table if the picture was hiding stains or damage and broken glass. But, a delivery driver can easily damage or steal your item, leaving you unable to recoup your money. This happens frequently here in Nairobi and many other parts of Kenya.

Pickit provides a safe, affordable solution for your Nairobi and other parts of Kenya delivery. You aren’t dealing with a risky person off an anonymous online advertisement who can be harmful. On the Pickit platform, delivery pros have passed rigorous background checks and are required to maintain high customer ratings to continue receiving moving and delivery Jobs. When you use Pickit, a clear estimate will be given. In addition, you can easily track the status of your delivery and payment on the Pickit website or App. No need to keep extra cash on hand, use your Mobile Cash to pay. Plus, don’t worry because your project is protected by our cargo insurance policy.

You can request help from Pickit Delivery Professionals within the hour, or in advance. Delivery pros are ready to work when you want, including evenings and weekends. Pickit is also perfect for retail delivery, small moves, and junk hauling.

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