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Pickit Towing On Demand

No driver wants to end up stuck by the side of the road with a nonfunctional car. But when you find yourself stranded, no sight is more welcome than an approaching tow truck.

Because car trouble and accidents are unpredictable, it's important to prepare yourself for the possibility of needing a tow in advance. Pickit has a big network of local Kenyan tow truck drivers near you to make you feel like a towing pro.

Dealing with an Out of Town Breakdown

While you may have been very diligent in preserving the value of your car, the truth is it does not guarantee a perfect gear. Your car engine might decide to stop turning over, issues about the wiring may arise and interrupt your trip, or worse, you may run over a sharp object and as a result, you get a flat tire in an instant.

It can be very stressful when your long waited trip becomes ruined because your car decides to malfunction and it gets even more heartbreaking if prior to that trip, you made sure your car went through a thorough vehicle checkup and you had not missed a single session of its regular preventive maintenance. But what if such a problem strikes you when you’re out of town and you keyed in “cheap towing near me” on Google only to no avail? Let’s face it, even if you get a few tow truck listings online, most of them will be tens of miles away from you if you are out of town. And if you get one to agree to come out and tow your car, it most likely will be at a prohibitive cost and the waiting period will be long.

Pickit Tow Truck help with If your car has let you down on the side of the road or if you need a Tow to get your car to a local garage for repairs or even if your car needs to be nct’d it’s no problem for Pickit. Our drivers will accommodate any situation. When you order a Tow Truck using our app or online at , you get a tow truck nearest to you hence saving you time and towing cost.

Pickit Nairobi and other Kenyan cities tow truck services offered.

  • Breakdown Rescue

  • Flat Tire

  • Flat Battery

  • Locked out of car

  • Tow to NCT

  • Classic Car Towing

  • MisFuel

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sbe group2
sbe group2
Mar 20, 2023

Good guide on getting a truck, for sure this is one appreciate because we receive people that would want such good services. Nice!

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